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"I had the pleasure of meeting Sean and Laura during my first year in college when I had reignited my interest in fitness. As soon as you speak with them and begin working with them, you can see the passion and the time they have invested in perfecting their techniques. I had to leave the Tampa area for a bit, but when I came back I reached back out to Laura for some more guidance. She helped me not only get down to a weight I never thought I would be able to reach, but she helped me realize how much I could push myself. She takes all of your interest & goals, and finds the best fit for your nutrition and training. Laura inspires me to be the best version of myself and I cannot imagine having another coach." ~ Sam Schlater

"I worked with Sean and Laura for a three-month minim-bulk followed by a shred and it was well beyond what I was expecting. I’ve been lifting seriously for roughly 10 years but was exposed to a whole new world working with them. Sean’s attention to detail on the workouts was exceptional. He also provided extensive tutorials for many exercises that I’ve never heard of. Laura’s understanding of the nutritional aspect is robust. Also, because she has competed in bikini for many years, she has a solid balance of the science behind what she is suggesting, as well as the practical application.

If you are trying to get pronounced results, this is an incredible investment. Especially, if you’re trying to shred, it’s 100% necessary because when you start to get hungry, you need to know that someone is looking out for you. And these two have put themselves through it all, so you can relax, stick to the plan, and see results. This really reduces any uncertainty about whether or not you’re going too hard or not hard enough." ~ Hunter Thompson

"I have always been active doing things like cycling, skiing, and running. After having surgery for my lower back, I lost all my flexibility and strength. Sean in a matter of months got me back to being active and feeling great. I highly recommend Sean as a fitness trainer." ~ Carlos de Quesada

"A unique tailored and individualistic approach is hard to find in today’s technology at mass media era. Sean brings a holistic view in understanding your health and how your workouts and your training impact you physically mentally and sustain you for long-term success." 

~ Colin Cunningham

"At first I wasn't sure if I would like working out with a male personal trainer but my friend highly recommended him so I went in for a consult.  I instantly liked him!  He makes you feel very comfortable and I like his approach to training.  Sean is focused not only on helping you look your best but your long term health & mobility.  He's pretty funny too which helps when it comes to the tougher sessions.  Sean is a solid guy and I can't recommend him enough if you are looking for a trainer who can maneuver around your busy schedule and will make sure you get impactful results both short and long term!" ~ Tanya Dunn

"In 2018 my roommate and I competed in a fitness competition together and Laura was our coach. It was my very first one and I didn’t know too much going into it. I cannot stress the importance of having a good, trustworthy coach. Not once did Laura have us take any enhancing supplements or push any crazy food/diet restrictions on us. She was incredibly supportive day in and day out. She didn’t just listen to our feedback, she truly heard us and adjusted our macros and training according to how our bodies reacted. She was extremely proactive throughout the process. She taught us how to have a good relationship with food and enjoy the process of competing, which I think can be difficult to do. Both her and Sean have found their callings in life and absolutely crush it. Definitely recommend!" ~ Mia Kopp/Abby Schrecengost

"My previous trainer did not care about my progression or take the time to put together detailed video as you do. I paid her 100$ per month to ultimately send me pre-made workouts not designed to help me. You are worth MUCH more than you charge and I appreciate the value you bring with training and nutrition. Thank you for changing my life!" ~ Cory Sayles

"Sean and I trained together for the better part of two years prior to me moving away from the area. As a former athlete it was always difficult to replicate the training I was used to on my own. I was introduced to Sean through a friend and as a former athlete himself he understood my challenges. Sean built a program that challenged me and also attacked goals that I had set. His individual approach and coaching helped me achieve my goals and set new ones. I would highly recommend Jacobs Fitness for their personable approach and individual training! Thanks Sean!" ~ Joseph Toppa

"Sean does a great job of accessing your level of fitness and what your body needs prior to beginning training with him. He always makes sure your stretched and ready to prevent injuries and get the most out of the sessions he’s planned out. He’s an awesome trainer for all levels of fitness especially if your just starting off. He’s on point with his cueing for correct posture to target the muscle group your working on. He also does a great job at varying the work outs so you don’t get bored as well as being very positive and entertaining through out the session. He’s very flexible and understanding with scheduling. I highly recommend Sean for anyone who is looking to get back in shape or wanting to get to the next level of fitness. After a short time of working out with him I received many compliments and saw fast results and changes to my body." ~ Kimberly Alfano

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