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Effort is free.

Regardless of your goals, our training focuses on mastering the simple tasks and understanding general concepts before moving to more skill-based endeavors, building a foundation that has the potential to withstand the rigorous obstacles that life throws at us, in sports, personal fitness pursuits, or simply during daily living.



Whether your goals involve building lean muscle, losing fat, improving your cardiovascular health, or slowing the inevitable aging process, understanding the interconnectivity of your body as a system, inside and out, will better prepare you for continuous pursuit of your goals, minimizing setbacks. What are you waiting for? Book your complimentary evaluation now!



Target your aches and pains or mitigate future injuries with an online or in-person mobility program. Understanding what to do is the first step, but knowing the why and the how will take you to the next level. Explore the way your body moves, strengthen your neuromuscular connections, and feel great again, regardless of age! Check out our Mobility Training subscription with a 7 day free trial here.



Take the guesswork out of your training sessions with a personalized program for your body, your needs, and your goals. The individualized online training packages available on our Jacobs Fitness App provide access to individualized video explanations, weekly check-ins, adjustments, an interactive program platform, and a constant stream of communication with us to answer all of your questions along the way!


We also offer monthly training program subscriptions for access to standardized programs at a lower price point! You can find the programs that are currently available listed on our Packages and Programs page. They are updated monthly!

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